Presentation & Speech Coaching

Earning Respect and Winning the Game of Persuasion

Presentation TrainingJeff Leshay’s presentation training sessions have proven to be particularly effective in preparing executives for successful, results-driven communications.  The primary focus is on the development of compelling, persuasive content, and special emphasis is placed on polishing public speaking skills and mastering “Q&A” for maximum impact.  Suggested storytelling techniques and personalized pointers empower participants to communicate more effectively with key constituencies and the public at large.

Leshay has coached hundreds of executives at Fortune 1000 companies, leaders of non-profit organizations, physicians, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, and government officials for presentations, employee meetings, keynote speeches and panel discussions.  At the heart of these sessions are on-camera practice and analysis that facilitate the targeting of specific areas for improvement and reinforce individual strengths.

Leshay helps executives develop a positive attitude toward delivering presentations, encouraging them to embrace each venue as a golden opportunity to effectively deliver important messages and demonstrate leadership.  The premise is simple: know your audiences and provide relevant information in interesting, dynamic ways that capture and retain their attention, earn their respect and win their support.

Leshay’s trainings emphasize the use of a compelling blend of facts, examples, personal anecdotes and delivery style that enliven presentations and make for credible and persuasive storytelling.  The sessions also include focus on:

  • Planning an attention-grabbing beginning
  • Creating strong first impressions
  • Working the audience, i.e., keeping them involved and interested
  • Employing interesting visual aids
  • Varying tone and pace of delivery
  • Channeling nervous energy
  • Conveying high levels of conviction and enthusiasm
  • Anticipating tough questions and taking full advantage of Q&A to deliver important messages
  • Practicing

In addition to the years he spent as a print and broadcast journalist, Leshay has served as a senior executive with three of the world’s largest PR firms and as an in-house communications leader at two public companies.  This uniquely diverse experience has provided him with a 360-degree perspective of public communications that is the basis for Leshay’s real-world, results-oriented approach to presentation training.

What people say about Jeff Leshay’s presentation training sessions…


“My presentation went well! In fact, I had several comments that I must have known the material so well, as I didn’t “read” from the viewgraphs. Many thanks for the coaching and outside perspective. Clearly, it made a huge difference.”

Dairy Management Inc.:

“Many thanks again for a great training… Several of the participants had comments about the content being great and your own presentation and insight tops!”

City of Chicago:

“The success of my presentation to the City Club of Chicago is directly attributable to the expertise and direction I received from you. All of the work that was put into the presentation was well worth the result. It was a true collaboration without which I would not have been able to achieve the degree of success necessary to promote the message regarding the O’Hare Modernization Program.”

“I appreciate the time that Jeff Leshay spent in preparation for our presentation training. The assistance I received from Jeff has helped me to prepare more polished, focused and interesting presentations… We are fortunate to have the benefit of his knowledge and insight… In our short time together, he shared the same passion that we do about the need to modernize O’Hare.”


“Jeff demonstrated with wonderful energy the importance of communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time!”

Kiwanis International:

“Jeff was just outstanding… and we got very positive feedback from our international board members on the sessions. Kiwanis was absolutely delighted with the work.”

World Business Chicago:

“I introduced the key messages and presentation we developed to the Mayor and his Press Office. They were very impressed and really pleased with our work… It was like I served up a pot of gold!”

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