Executive Presence Coaching

Leadership400Jeff Leshay’s coaching programs empower executives to communicate influentially in ways that strengthen their leadership, rally support, encourage others to step up and lead, and ultimately improve business results.  The coaching sessions focus on the creation and delivery of engaging, motivational communications that garner respect, credibility and trust – even in the midst of change management or other significant business challenges.

Leshay has worked successfully with hundreds of senior executives to enhance their individual communication styles and maximize their impact in a variety of settings, e.g., staff and all-employee meetings, board meetings, analyst calls, sales and marketing presentations, and media interviews.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Identification of key influencers, i.e., individuals and groups who will advocate in support of the executive’s or organization’s objectives
  • Message development skills, i.e., the ability to quickly develop purposeful, persuasive and consistent messages for each and every communications venue
  • Leading productive internal meetings, i.e., defining goals; planning an effective agenda; communicating comfortably and confidently; anticipating and addressing concerns and questions
  • Leveraging meetings with the chairman, board and analysts, i.e., building chemistry and credibility; showcasing decisiveness and success
  • Delivering effective presentations and speeches that earn respect and win the game of persuasion
  • Taking full advantage of interview opportunities with trade, business/financial and mainstream media  – even in response to the most challenging questions.

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