Message Development & Story Creation

At the heart of the most compelling communications are succinct and persuasive messages that prompt action. However, simply making bold, and too often hollow, statements about the organizations and brands we represent doesn’t cut it.

Townhall MeetingThe media, analysts, customers, partners, consumers, shareholders and other target audiences are constantly bombarded with promotional claims. In order to cut through the clutter, truly distinguish our organizations and engage stakeholders, we must support our claims with persuasive facts, statistics, examples, anecdotes and third-party support. In other words, we need to build and communicate a compelling, yet concise, body of evidence that substantiates our claims.

Leshay Communications’ strategic message development process typically includes the following activities:

  • Review of the client’s business objectives and any existing messages, positioning statements, marketing materials, research, analyst reports and media clips
  • Identification of target audiences whose actions are necessary to achieve the client’s business goals, and the biggest challenges in getting through to those stakeholders
  • Facilitation of a customized, three-to-four-hour message development workshop, including participation of executives from key functional areas in the company. This session focuses on:
  • Identifying the most important and differentiating claims necessary to engage target audiences and prompt them to take supportive action
  • Building a body of evidence, or “proof points,” that support those claims and truly distinguish the client, i.e., key facts, statistics, research, examples, anecdotes and third-party support
  • Follow-up refinement and presentation to client of persuasive, flexible messaging platform that will serve as the foundation for consistent and effective communications
  • Additional options include:
  • Development of a message map – a single-page graphic summarizing the messaging platform
  • A “60-second elevator speech” to ensure the company’s executives are equipped with a clear, concise and compelling synopsis of the story that can be quickly told – anytime, anywhere

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