What people say about Jeff Leshay…

Media Training

SC Johnson:

“Thanks again for the superb media training session with Johnson’s Chairman and CEO. It could not have gone better!.. It was a joy working with Jeff to prepare the sessions, and I look forward to other opportunities to use his skills in the future.”

Owens Corning:

“The training experience was excellent… We all got to see how our messages can be honed to an edge, and how to deliver them under a “variety” of circumstances.  The product was more than I had hoped we could achieve.”

First Alert:

“Sincere thanks to you for preparing our CEO to handle the ABC 20/20 smoke detector segment so well. We achieved our goal of having a fair and balanced report air… The segment seems to have actually stimulated, not hurt, interest among our customers in purchasing our photoelectronic smoke detectors.”


“The difference in the ‘before and after’ interviews was astounding, not only when sitting in front of the camera, but also watching the improvement of my co-workers… The effectiveness of your trainings has made you an integral part of our team. We really appreciate the pragmatic, real-world approach afforded by your own media experience, and your tailoring of the trainings to meet our specific global needs.”

Dairy Management Inc.:

“Jeff’s hard work and attention to detail made the trainings even better than I had anticipated. He brought to the project great insight and instinct, and helped me feel more comfortable with the process.”

Abbott Laboratories:

“Abbott Laboratories was delighted with a series of trainings Jeff did for our divisional vice presidents. He really took them to the next level.”

American Synthetic Rubber Corporation:

“I learned a great deal about an area which, quite frankly, was of serious concern to me. I now feel much better equipped to handle situations with the media (although I can’t guarantee that I could resist physically abusing any reporter as antagonistic as the one Jeff so admirably played!). Good job!”

World Business Chicago:

“We’re still singing your praises here all the time. We loved the sessions. Some of us were kicking and screaming going into the sessions, but we were all thrilled with the experience coming out… Your enthusiasm and knack for uplifting confidence really presented itself in the room. I just wanted to let you know that I’m glad your skills will benefit a global city and we have you to thank.”

Presentation Training


“My presentation went well! In fact, I had several comments that I must have known the material so well, as I didn’t “read” from the viewgraphs. Many thanks for the coaching and outside perspective. Clearly, it made a huge difference.”

Dairy Management Inc.:

“Many thanks again for a great training… Several of the participants had comments about the content being great and your own presentation and insight tops!”

City of Chicago:

“The success of my presentation to the City Club of Chicago is directly attributable to the expertise and direction I received from you. All of the work that was put into the presentation was well worth the result. It was a true collaboration without which I would not have been able to achieve the degree of success necessary to promote the message regarding the O’Hare Modernization Program.”

“I appreciate the time that Jeff Leshay spent in preparation for our presentation training. The assistance I received from Jeff has helped me to prepare more polished, focused and interesting presentations… We are fortunate to have the benefit of his knowledge and insight… In our short time together, he shared the same passion that we do about the need to modernize O’Hare.”


“Jeff demonstrated with wonderful energy the importance of communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time!”

Kiwanis International:

“Jeff was just outstanding… and we got very positive feedback from our international board members on the sessions. Kiwanis was absolutely delighted with the work.”

World Business Chicago:

“I introduced the key messages and presentation we developed to the Mayor and his Press Office. They were very impressed and really pleased with our work… It was like I served up a pot of gold!”

PR and Reputation Management


“It is not every day that a client can receive major interviews on the Today Show, CNBC at noon, and ABC’s World News Tonight, and then throw in a packed news conference as well that was covered by CNN and all of the major news outlets that we had targeted in New York… The entire Gerber team was extremely pleased over the great success.”


“If you missed Good Morning America on Friday, you missed a nine-minute – yes, nine-minute – feature on Michelin’s new Zero Pressure Tire… They even had a helicopter overhead giving an aerial view. It was such positive and impressive coverage that we’re going to supply it to dealers as a sales promotion piece. Major kudos for this homerun.”


“National, BRANDED coverage is what we wanted and national, BRANDED coverage is certainly what we got – The View, Today Show, and Rosie. That’s not to mention the other 253 local television placements and additional print coverage. You rock!”

Holland & Knight:

“Your report and recommendations are featured prominently and we think will help make our case. Thanks again for your quick and excellent work. I look forward to working with you again.”


“Thanks for all of your hard work, ideas and thoughtful approaches to our reputation management business and media training practices… Thanks for making this year one of Edelman’s best.”


“Thank you for your excellent leadership and the time and effort you always put into client work. You’ve shown great insight and enthusiasm, and your presentations are very impressive… Your work reflects the kind of high-level strategic counsel that we should be providing for all of our clients.”


“From the counsel, to the message development, to the media training, to the pitching, everything you’ve done has been top notch.”

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